Make Room for Others 2 – Trayvon Martin

Trayvon Martin was not even remotely a topic of consideration when I wrote my last post about making room for others. Yet, in the wake of George Zimmerman's acquittal last night, the topic of making room for others could not be more timely. In listening to both the defense and prosecuting attorneys doing a post mortem of the trial, the final statement offered by one of the prosecuting attorneys is that George Zimmerman should not have been following Trayvon Martin in the first place. I was struck by his statement. Twenty years ago as a […] Continue Reading

Tip #2: Listen Actively

from Marian Morgan's "82 Tips for Thriving in the Workplace." LISTEN ACTIVELY Listen without thinking of your next response, finishing someone’s sentence, or interrupting. People know when they are truly being listened to. It’s one of life’s rarest treasures. […] Continue Reading

Training – Money Out the Window?

In June's issue of the Harvard Business Review there's an ironically sad yet funny cartoon - the kind your might see in The New Yorker Magazine. As several men and women leave a company meeting, a nicely dressed midlevel manager reports to his colleague, "Some of the ideas in the staff development meeting on innovation seemed interesting but they've never been tried, so I think I'll hold off for now." Ouch! Money out the window! When I develop proposals for trainings to be delivered to corporations of all shapes and sizes, I typically […] Continue Reading