Feeling Inside Out?

Yesterday I attended a very worthwhile coaching training seminar delivered masterfully by Bob Parsons of InsideOut Development. Now, I've been coaching a long time but as a lifelong learner I check out those experiences I think will enrich me and my clients. And I hit pay dirt here. As an executive coach I often work with managers and leaders who report challenges having "difficult conversations" or developing their staff to become more proactive. This program teaches a simple solution for both. The major distinction I learned is that before […] Continue Reading

Workers more stressed than ever

By Cindy Krischer Goodman for The Miami Herald Like most of us, Nancy Topolski found herself with more work piled on after her law firm laid off 11 legal secretaries. Topolski soon began stressing over work, losing sleep and making mistakes. One day, the stress turned into a full blown panic attack in the office. Trying to keep your cool in workplaces these days has become more difficult. The recession has brought a new set of issues, driving stress to a new level, with three out of every four American workers on the brink of a meltdown, […] Continue Reading

Say NO to New Year’s Resolutions Lists

Do you successfully achieve your New Year's Resolutions year in and year out? Maybe you just don't believe in them? If you are more like the rest of us you create a list and end up ditching it before February is even a memory. Maybe you have become so frustrated by your failed NYR's, that you've given up on the entire enterprise. […] Continue Reading