Making Assumptions Is Risky Business

In the throes of a busy season coaching, I needed a fresh perspective and some time to recharge so I packed a small bag (my favorite way to travel) and took flight. Across the country and nestled inside my Japanese inspired-abode deep in the woods beyond Escondido, I munch on Norberto's muesli and watch the day break. Outside my window huge spider webs collecting dewy drops of morning mist cast a light grey shroud over green ferns. I return to my breakfast reverie for a few minutes before once again casting my gaze outside where the sun now […] Continue Reading

Self-doubt, negative thinking, and fear – oh my!

Lions, and tigers and bears – oh my! The other day I had a "Talk-it-Out-Session" with a successful sales and marketing professional working outside his field for some time after moving his family from South America to Florida. Unhappy with the professional compromise he made, he is now ready to get the support he needs to reenter his profession as well as progress in his real passion as an artist whose work has commercial value. This lovely man seems to have no shortage of talent and ability but after years of being sidelined in a tough […] Continue Reading

Clarify What Success Means To You

With 2011 soon to become a memory, take time to create 2012. Too often people run their businesses or careers as though they've thrown wads of wet paper towels onto the ceiling to see what sticks. Often they feel more like a pinwheel moving in the direction of whatever breeze blows in, rather than a smart business person with a strategic plan and system in place. Trust me, I speak from experience. But then I learned. […] Continue Reading