Happy Companies Are All Alike

"Happy companies are all alike; each unhappy company is unhappy in its own way." Sound familiar? If so, Thomas A. Steward, the editor of the Harvard Business Review, has taken those famous opening lines from Tolstoy's Anna Karenina and applied it to business. How fitting. He goes on the say,"Lots of companies claim to be high-performance organizations. The real thing is rare, however, and instantly recognizable. These groups operate on a different plane. They overcome obstacles that stymie others. When they fail, they look for causes rather […] Continue Reading

Make Room for Others 2 – Trayvon Martin

Trayvon Martin was not even remotely a topic of consideration when I wrote my last post about making room for others. Yet, in the wake of George Zimmerman's acquittal last night, the topic of making room for others could not be more timely. In listening to both the defense and prosecuting attorneys doing a post mortem of the trial, the final statement offered by one of the prosecuting attorneys is that George Zimmerman should not have been following Trayvon Martin in the first place. I was struck by his statement. Twenty years ago as a […] Continue Reading

Collaborate – Don’t Pontificate

Read this article from NPR if you want to discover one characteristic of "group personality" - my term - that leads to greater team effectiveness. Collaboration Beats Smarts In Group Problem Solving […] Continue Reading