Curses & Blessings

I've been on a journey the past few months that has included reading the weekly portion of the Torah for the first time. As it turns out and as far as I am concerned, the Torah is the jewel in the crown of the self-help genre. But please don't tell Madonna! Last week's portion talked about receiving both a "blessing and a curse." I never knew where that expression came from. Anyway, last night I checked into my next dwelling, now in Neve Tzdek, Tel Aviv. It is very clean, and nicely designed BUT having booked this space earlier in my travels, […] Continue Reading

Will you wait to read this?

“I never put off till tomorrow what I can possibly do - the day after.” ― Oscar Wilde. Never thought I procrastinated much - but I was wrong. For example, I need to learn QuickBooks (the program is already installed) and the photos on my site need updating now that my hair is longer. And why did I have to file for a tax extension - again? Some avoided chores are domestic – like cleaning out closets and taking stuff to the thrift shop. Then there are the blog posts inspired by something interesting I've read or something a client is struggling […] Continue Reading

Self-doubt, negative thinking, and fear – oh my!

Lions, and tigers and bears – oh my! The other day I had a "Talk-it-Out-Session" with a successful sales and marketing professional working outside his field for some time after moving his family from South America to Florida. Unhappy with the professional compromise he made, he is now ready to get the support he needs to reenter his profession as well as progress in his real passion as an artist whose work has commercial value. This lovely man seems to have no shortage of talent and ability but after years of being sidelined in a tough […] Continue Reading

Create 2014 – Now!

At the end of each year I complete an "inventory" in preparation of the year ahead. If you've been receiving my posts for at least a year this one page form may look familiar - except now we get to say goodbye to 2013 and set our sights on 2014.  Click here for the one pager or on the homepage "Continue Reading" link. One of the most powerful questions for me has been "What else do you need to do or say to be complete with...?" One year this led to a very powerful communication I needed to make in order to move forward fresh into the new […] Continue Reading

Getting to the heart of the matter

Communication breakdowns happen all the time. Considering we are wired to respond to the beat of our own drummer, it's amazing we ever find ourselves making sense to one another. Often times you think you are tuned in but then something happens - an upset, a sense of confusion, hurt feelings – and it feels like the finger is being pointed at you.  If you’re the “accused” or “wrong one,” the typical knee jerk response is to defend yourself. Surely, you have a logical clarification or explanation that you repeatedly put forth but ever notice […] Continue Reading

What Are You Putting Up With?

One of my clients immersed in the Personal Foundation Program is working on zapping her "Tolerations." Tolerations  (when pluralized not an actually word) are those things we are "putting up with" – rather than handling. A toleration could be anything from your partner's bad breath to a messy desk that drives you crazy, to a client who doesn't pay on time – and millions of other things. The problem with tolerations is they suck the life out of you. Much more energy goes into avoiding or putting up with something that is gnawing at you rather […] Continue Reading

How is Your Personal Foundation?

Lately there has been increased demand for personal coaching. That said, for any coaching endeavor to be effective, whether it is business or executive or life, it is going to get personal. When I entered Coach U and began my two year professional training, students were to complete a program called Personal Foundation, created by Thomas Leonard. Thomas Leonard was the founder of Coach U and considered the Father of Coaching.  A brilliant conceptualist, Thomas applied his generous understanding of human nature to the creation of dozens […] Continue Reading