Coaching – It’s Personal

What does this photo have to do with goal setting, workplace productivity, and leadership skills? The other day I had dinner with my gal pal Dindy Yokel at her client's excellent new Chinese restaurant,  Soi (think hole-in-the-wall China Grill). Over sticky black rice studded with shitake mushrooms and shrimp, baby bok choy and udon noodles with fermented black beans, we discussed my coaching niche - small business owners and executives. It's not Life Coaching per se, but for coaching to work, it will get personal. We will talk about your […] Continue Reading

Talk It Out – And Then Take Action

Yesterday “Bob” called in for his scheduled “Talk It Out” session. Procrastination and lack of focus was a recurring problem, he said. As a senior executive Bob felt unable to get started on a report for his boss that would take him 4 hours to accomplish. It was not a difficult task - for Bob it was a boring task complete with the kind of details or organizational thinking that would dull the brain and spirit of most “go-getters.” Ugh. Details. Reports. For many of us, this kind of task is where the rubber meets the road - and promptly has a […] Continue Reading

Is There Really A Human Race?

I hope you had a relaxing Labor Day Weekend. We were down in the Keys snorkeling and enjoying Key Lime Pie(s) – staying one step ahead of the heavy downpours.I was just watching the Today Show as I prepared my miso soup – yup, still doing the macrobiotics…okay the Key Lime Pie was an award for good behavior. Anyway Jamie Lee Curtis was touting her latest children’s book, "Is There Really A Human Race?" which evolved out a question her young son asked, do I have to always win? – or something provocative like that. Jamie is a very passionate […] Continue Reading