Tip #2: Listen Actively

from Marian Morgan's "82 Tips for Thriving in the Workplace." LISTEN ACTIVELY Listen without thinking of your next response, finishing someone’s sentence, or interrupting. People know when they are truly being listened to. It’s one of life’s rarest treasures. […] Continue Reading

Wearing Many Hats

Yesterday I was quoted twice in Brett Graff's Miami Herald's front page Money section article "Overqualified for your job? Use it to your advantage." "Back in 2008, a South Florida financial executive found himself firing each of the 70 employees reporting to him. Then, he, too, became a […] Continue Reading

Juggling glass or rubber balls?

Anyone I interact with on a regular basis knows January was a tough month for my family. While I've been blessed with a life of relative smooth sailing, in January the seas got rough and I thought my boat might capsize. Sometimes all there was to do was hang on - and breathe. Other times, to let go - and breathe. […] Continue Reading