Networking? Never Eat Alone

Standing in front of the microwave chewing on a CNN news bite? Don't! According to "Keith Ferrazi," , author of the new book "Never Eat Alone," the key to your success is contributing to the success of others. Step out of the kitchen, start a conversation and listen for how you can contribute to your dining companion's success. Once you've mastered the art of eating and talking at the same time, chew on these four networking tips:1. You can't get there alone. Invite others into your world.2. Be generous with your resources.3. Let your guard […] Continue Reading

The Irony of a Bad Communication Day

Just one day after I wrote about communication breakdowns at work, a fed-up flight attendant makes his get-away. The attention he is receiving tells us how much pent-up rage is out there in the workplace. Read it and weep! Not so much because of what he did but for the opportunity that now awaits him in publishing opportunities and other kinds of public appearances sure to net him a tidy some. Not that I am advocating his kind of behavior - at all - but since no one was actually harmed as a result of his behavior, human nature via Facebook and […] Continue Reading

Tip #70 Smile!

from  Marian Morgan's "82 Tips for Thriving in the Workplace." (A selection from Stress Management) SMILE! I mean... really smile! You’re gonna get wrinkles anyway… might as well come from smiling than frowning. And research shows a smile can fool your mind into thinking things aren’t so bad after all. An Example: A girlfriend told me the following story today. She began hanging around with a new friend who has the habit of a ready smile. Wherever they went, her friend had a smile for everyone. One day Charlotte asked, "How do you […] Continue Reading