A Cosmetic Cover-up?

Do we live in a litigious society or what? In today's Miami Herald, a 62 year old woman argues that cosmetic giant, Estee Lauder, falsely advertised "anti-aging" claims. Now in the process of establishing a class action suit, the 11-page lawsuit is preceded in December by a similar action against Estee Lauder and about 25 other cosmetic companies and retailers.I am totally sympathetic towards anyone concerned about the signs of aging, being a baby boomer myself. Our society values youth and beauty but let's face it - it ain't so easy. […] Continue Reading

Tip #18 Saying No – Politely

from Marian Morgan's "82 Tips for Thriving in the Workplace." (A selection from Time Management) SAY NO— POLITELY Overwhelmed? Have way too much to do? Learn to say no—politely. Or if your schedule permits, offer alternatives. “I’d like to help you and this is what I am currently working on for this week. I’ll be in a better place to help you next week—will that work?”, for example. Gain respect from colleagues and friends by appropriately communicating your limits. An example: A client of mine in the manufacturing business reported […] Continue Reading

Talk It Out – And Then Take Action

Yesterday “Bob” called in for his scheduled “Talk It Out” session. Procrastination and lack of focus was a recurring problem, he said. As a senior executive Bob felt unable to get started on a report for his boss that would take him 4 hours to accomplish. It was not a difficult task - for Bob it was a boring task complete with the kind of details or organizational thinking that would dull the brain and spirit of most “go-getters.” Ugh. Details. Reports. For many of us, this kind of task is where the rubber meets the road - and promptly has a […] Continue Reading