Manage Sales Leads – Boost Sales lists 10 ways to do just that. Then they give us a bonus one. I think the bonus is so critical it should come first. So here's your dessert before enjoying the main course.Bonus Tip: Preload your database with the right prospects. Your customers are the first step in prospecting sales leads. Most people think they already know who their customers are, but many companies tell us they find a few surprises when they do an analysis of their customer base. So confirm what you know about your customers. Then, once you know who your […] Continue Reading

Tip #70 Smile!

from  Marian Morgan's "82 Tips for Thriving in the Workplace." (A selection from Stress Management) SMILE! I mean... really smile! You’re gonna get wrinkles anyway… might as well come from smiling than frowning. And research shows a smile can fool your mind into thinking things aren’t so bad after all. An Example: A girlfriend told me the following story today. She began hanging around with a new friend who has the habit of a ready smile. Wherever they went, her friend had a smile for everyone. One day Charlotte asked, "How do you […] Continue Reading

From Striving to Thriving

What a difference ... ahem... a few years make. When this blog was launched in 2005, I had one foot in the sandy groove of Miami Beach where I relocated in 2003, and the other foot still dug deeply into the grit and vibrancy of Midtown Manhattan. Three years later, due to the real estate downturn, I suddenly found myself moving to newly urban, rough around the edges, and slowing coming around Midtown Miami. That positive transformation - both Miami's and my own - was unparalleled despite real estate woes and other economic downturns. In […] Continue Reading