To Say or Not to Say is NOT the Question – How to Say Is

It seems more people are contacting me these days to improve their managerial communication skills or they know someone who needs to (like it's becoming an "on-the-job" problem!) and they get referred to me. Workplace communication problems run the gamut from the "absence of" when there is a problem to blowing one's top. Either way the consequence has both a lateral and longitudinal effect meaning there is an impact on the employee-manager relationship laterally, and longitudinally the entire office or department suffers because of a […] Continue Reading

Relationship Building Tip: Circle Back

Coined in 2010, "circle back" has a variety of connotations in the Urban Dictionary, yet in the context I'm using it here, it's on point. How often does someone (maybe you) ask for an opinion, a suggestion, a referral? How often are you in a conversation where someone makes a recommendation and the other person responds by exclaiming their intention to take action? By example. "Rob," a guy you met at a networking event, recommends a great book on digital marketing and you decide to pick it up. Or in speaking with "Jeff ," an acquaintance who […] Continue Reading

To Your Health!

Had a checkup lately? In case you missed the screening checklist in a recent issue of the NYTimes magazine, here is a list of all the screens and the "get more information" websites. Colorectal Cancer Screening - Starting at age 50 The American Cancer Society Full-Body Dermatological Scan - Starting at age 40 The Melanoma Patients' Information Page Lipid Panel Test - Starting at age 45 The American Heart Association Blood-Sugar Test - Ask your doctor The American Diabetes Association […] Continue Reading