Bowled Over with Her New Business

Marian's Bowls from dbO HomeMy client, Dana Brandwein, went from being a marketing director at Elektra Records for rock and alternative notables to the director of everything (for now!) at her new company, dbO Home, the site for beautiful one-of-a kind home furnishing accessories. "Homey elegance" is the phase I like to use to describe her collection of fine ceramics because her designs are both sophisticated and down-to-earth.Just like her. Prior to marketing cool products for the home, she was out there marketing cool sounds for your groove […] Continue Reading

A call for a movement to redefine success

New York Times journalist Alina Tugend claims we need to rethink and retool how we define success. It's a start. The players initiating this movement are prominent, formidable - and better yet - have viable and powerful media platforms. That said, a movement such as this could seem idealistic to some. The impact that Wall Street, corporate earnings, efficiency and automation, and job migration has on the quality and security of a worker's life has not been factored to the equation. Yes, there are those workplaces cited on some Forbes top […] Continue Reading

Wearing Many Hats

Yesterday I was quoted twice in Brett Graff's Miami Herald's front page Money section article "Overqualified for your job? Use it to your advantage." "Back in 2008, a South Florida financial executive found himself firing each of the 70 employees reporting to him. Then, he, too, became a […] Continue Reading