Calling All Campers

Announcing the launch of Beam Camp. Brian Cohen, camp founder, says "Beam Camp’s mission is guiding young people to discover how creativity and adaptive problem solving apply to the challenges of their relationships, work and world... Within the next five years, we would like to begin offering the Beam Camp experience to over two hundred campers every summer... Within the next ten years we would like to take the things we learn at Beam Camp and start a middle or high school. " Brian, a former record label executive, contacted me with a […] Continue Reading

Our Gulf War

As to be expected, reports are coming in indicating this gulf coast tragedy here in the US could have been averted. Having no control over Mother Nature's inclinations, we ought to have some control over the infrastructure we build to protect ourselves and our citizens. In order to make sense of the Gulf War abroad, I've tried at times to rationalize that in the future looking back, sense will be found in what often seems like a senseless war. My fantasy is that we will say (or our children and grandchildren will say) "A dictator was eliminated […] Continue Reading

Tip #4: Manage Up

from Marian Morgan's "82 Tips for Thriving in the Workplace." MANAGE UP Advance your objectives by advancing those of your organization and those of your boss. Ask how you can help. Also, let your boss know what your goals are so you can get support achieving them. […] Continue Reading