It’s Okay to Not Be Okay. Okay?

Earlier this year I took my own advice and dropped some rubber balls (see "Juggling…" post) when my life went into free fall starting early January. In the first few months I coped by being extremely busy. I started a new consulting position, I had an enormous amount of family responsibilities, I exercised like a fiend. Then May came and I crashed. It wasn't about a lack of time. It was a lack of any kind of creative or regenerative spark. One month turned into two, then three until I now look back and see half a year has passed. And that's […] Continue Reading

Feeling Inside Out?

Yesterday I attended a very worthwhile coaching training seminar delivered masterfully by Bob Parsons of InsideOut Development. Now, I've been coaching a long time but as a lifelong learner I check out those experiences I think will enrich me and my clients. And I hit pay dirt here. As an executive coach I often work with managers and leaders who report challenges having "difficult conversations" or developing their staff to become more proactive. This program teaches a simple solution for both. The major distinction I learned is that before […] Continue Reading

Garbage Therapy

Why wait? It was 6:45am and still dark. If I leave now, I thought to myself, I could catch the sunrise. And so I did. Continuing on the "theme" of a post from last week, it was time for "Garbage Therapy." So what exactly is garbage therapy? Therapy meant to clear the mind of crap. It's really very simple. It doesn't involve much analysis - maybe none at all. On the physical side, it means doing something to elevate endorphins which increases "positivity" and decreases... well... negativity. Mentally, it involves causing the brain to reframe a […] Continue Reading