How is Your Personal Foundation?

Lately there has been increased demand for personal coaching. That said, for any coaching endeavor to be effective, whether it is business or executive or life, it is going to get personal. When I entered Coach U and began my two year professional training, students were to complete a program called Personal Foundation, created by Thomas Leonard. Thomas Leonard was the founder of Coach U and considered the Father of Coaching.  A brilliant conceptualist, Thomas applied his generous understanding of human nature to the creation of dozens […] Continue Reading

Getting Passed the Garbage

At 7:15am this morning, jogging the tired six block loop around my neighborhood paled against the thought of jumping into the car and heading off to the boardwalk on Miami Beach. Jogging became a renewed endeavor after training for four months and then this September 19th completing my first triathlon. So I grabbed my iPod and made off in my car, crossing the Julia Tuttle Causeway to Indian Creek Drive, parking on 37th Street, one block from the beach. As I learned to do while training, I set my timer for a 5 minute warm up walk. My timing […] Continue Reading

Feeling Inside Out?

Yesterday I attended a very worthwhile coaching training seminar delivered masterfully by Bob Parsons of InsideOut Development. Now, I've been coaching a long time but as a lifelong learner I check out those experiences I think will enrich me and my clients. And I hit pay dirt here. As an executive coach I often work with managers and leaders who report challenges having "difficult conversations" or developing their staff to become more proactive. This program teaches a simple solution for both. The major distinction I learned is that before […] Continue Reading