Tip #18 Saying No – Politely

from Marian Morgan's "82 Tips for Thriving in the Workplace." (A selection from Time Management) SAY NO— POLITELY Overwhelmed? Have way too much to do? Learn to say no—politely. Or if your schedule permits, offer alternatives. “I’d like to help you and this is what I am currently working on for this week. I’ll be in a better place to help you next week—will that work?”, for example. Gain respect from colleagues and friends by appropriately communicating your limits. An example: A client of mine in the manufacturing business reported […] Continue Reading

5 Tips for Coping with Change

Recently a company I work with announced a large reorganization. In this case, it isn't only positions - it is whole departments getting reassigned, outsourced, or eliminated. The changes coming down the pike got me thinking about the subject of coping with change. Sure, change is a part of life. It’s how we grow as human beings. It starts from the time we are born until our last breath of air. I remember when I was graduating from middle school and moving into the high school. I was both scared and excited. When we are facing change, it is […] Continue Reading

Truth and Assumptions – The Eye of the Beholder

How often we make assumptions that become discounted in the face of unexpected information. Here's an example. Monet, the Impressionist artist known for his sceneries and settings of breathtaking beauty, painted huge canvases capturing the variety of light at different times of the day in his backyard complete with waterlily-filled ponds traversed by tiny romantic foot bridges. If you've seen these paintings personally or in books you can probably picture them right now. On a trip outside of Paris I toured his home and walked through his […] Continue Reading