Garbage Therapy

Why wait? It was 6:45am and still dark. If I leave now, I thought to myself, I could catch the sunrise. And so I did. Continuing on the "theme" of a post from last week, it was time for "Garbage Therapy." So what exactly is garbage therapy? Therapy meant to clear the mind of crap. It's really very simple. It doesn't involve much analysis - maybe none at all. On the physical side, it means doing something to elevate endorphins which increases "positivity" and decreases... well... negativity. Mentally, it involves causing the brain to reframe a […] Continue Reading

Another Workshop, Training, Meeting?

Have another meeting to attend? Hate the thought of it? Think there's nothing more you can learn?Stop! That was happening to me - this morning in fact. Tonight the Miami Chapter of Society for Human Resource Development is offering a workshop on networking. And I thought, what more could I possibly learn that I don't already know? Good question! I figured I had one of three choices to make: 1) Avoid the meeting and miss the opportunity to make new friends and contacts and catch up with people I typically see only at the meetings; 2) Go with a […] Continue Reading

From Striving to Thriving

What a difference ... ahem... a few years make. When this blog was launched in 2005, I had one foot in the sandy groove of Miami Beach where I relocated in 2003, and the other foot still dug deeply into the grit and vibrancy of Midtown Manhattan. Three years later, due to the real estate downturn, I suddenly found myself moving to newly urban, rough around the edges, and slowing coming around Midtown Miami. That positive transformation - both Miami's and my own - was unparalleled despite real estate woes and other economic downturns. In […] Continue Reading