Say NO to New Year’s Resolutions Lists

Do you successfully achieve your New Year's Resolutions year in and year out? Maybe you just don't believe in them? If you are more like the rest of us you create a list and end up ditching it before February is even a memory. Maybe you have become so frustrated by your failed NYR's, that you've given up on the entire enterprise. […] Continue Reading

Our Gulf War

As to be expected, reports are coming in indicating this gulf coast tragedy here in the US could have been averted. Having no control over Mother Nature's inclinations, we ought to have some control over the infrastructure we build to protect ourselves and our citizens. In order to make sense of the Gulf War abroad, I've tried at times to rationalize that in the future looking back, sense will be found in what often seems like a senseless war. My fantasy is that we will say (or our children and grandchildren will say) "A dictator was eliminated […] Continue Reading

Sun for the Holidays?

To all my readers in the United States, I wish you a happy and safe July 4th! But sun and fun is not just for revelers. For many of us, this is the season that not only puts money in the pockets of sunscreen companies but prepares the path to dermatologist and other providers of medical services to fix and heal the ravages of the sun. I thought this article "Why Is the Best Sunscreen Blocked by FDA?" makes good reading. But whatever you use, USE SOMETHING! […] Continue Reading