What was I thinking??

 You would think I know better. It's even worse. I'm also a licensed therapist. I must admit I hate when family, friends, well-meaning people say when I'll shared with them a personal challenge, "But you're a therapist, a coach. Shouldn't you know better?" Ha! I think one the reasons my clients get so much value from our work together (so they say) is because I am human - and being human over the years I have made tons of mistakes and have had tons of challenges and disappointments (I've also had amazing positively experiences and made great […] Continue Reading

Getting to the heart of the matter

Communication breakdowns happen all the time. Considering we are wired to respond to the beat of our own drummer, it's amazing we ever find ourselves making sense to one another. Often times you think you are tuned in but then something happens - an upset, a sense of confusion, hurt feelings – and it feels like the finger is being pointed at you.  If you’re the “accused” or “wrong one,” the typical knee jerk response is to defend yourself. Surely, you have a logical clarification or explanation that you repeatedly put forth but ever notice […] Continue Reading

From Striving to Thriving

What a difference ... ahem... a few years make. When this blog was launched in 2005, I had one foot in the sandy groove of Miami Beach where I relocated in 2003, and the other foot still dug deeply into the grit and vibrancy of Midtown Manhattan. Three years later, due to the real estate downturn, I suddenly found myself moving to newly urban, rough around the edges, and slowing coming around Midtown Miami. That positive transformation - both Miami's and my own - was unparalleled despite real estate woes and other economic downturns. In […] Continue Reading