Time Management: Time To Make the Donuts?

Is it time to make the donuts or time to sell them? Is it time to develop a low-fat donut or time to learn about franchising? Whatever kind of business you're in, how you divide your time between these immediate, short, and long term goals can determine how effectively you grow your business. This requires three different lists. Like our donut maker, to get started create a list of what must be done immediately. For him it might be repairing an oven thermostat and training the new cashier. Then, create a second list. This list will be […] Continue Reading

Responding to a Business Slump

I was asked today to write a response to what small business owners can do when they face a slump in their business. Here's my response:Too often we get inner focused when trying to solve a business problem. Instead, step out. Think about what you can contribute to someone or some other business. Offer to help, make a connection, introduce two people who could benefit. It’s like when someone is depressed. Sometimes the best antidote to depression is helping someone else. Maybe it’s simply listening to them and offering some comfort. Notice how […] Continue Reading

Truth and Assumptions – The Eye of the Beholder

How often we make assumptions that become discounted in the face of unexpected information. Here's an example. Monet, the Impressionist artist known for his sceneries and settings of breathtaking beauty, painted huge canvases capturing the variety of light at different times of the day in his backyard complete with waterlily-filled ponds traversed by tiny romantic foot bridges. If you've seen these paintings personally or in books you can probably picture them right now. On a trip outside of Paris I toured his home and walked through his […] Continue Reading