Communication Mistakes

The following excerpt is from an article I edited about women and communication mistakes they (we!) make. See credits below. Forward this post to the women in your life.UptalkUptalk is the singsong speech pattern that has a rising inflection at the end of a sentence. It sounds as if the speaker is asking a question instead of making a declaration. A rising inflection at the end of a sentence sounds tentative, as if posing a question. This is a real credibility killer. Women will not be taken seriously with this vocal pattern. Why? Because […] Continue Reading

Is That Blackberry Your New Sex-less Toy?

Husband and Wi-Fi /Wireless gadgets short-circuit sex drives By Miriam Kreinin Souccar Crain's New York Meghan Berger never imagined that her sex life would be affected when her boyfriend got a BlackBerry from his employer. But it didn't take long before she began to resent the device--almost as much as if it were another woman. Ms. Berger's investment banker boyfriend of five years brings the personal digital assistant on vacations, hides it under the table at restaurants, and even takes it into the bathroom. As if that addiction wasn't bad […] Continue Reading

Overcoming Charisma

Ever think of charisma as being a quality to overcome? Read this fascinating article and discover why "presence" is much more valuable. […] Continue Reading