5 Tips for Dealing with Difficult People

While a popular workshop I give called "Dealing with Difficult People" includes descriptions of typical difficult behavioral types, the thrust of the workshop serves to help participants discover their own hot buttons. Participants are often surprised to discover the workshop focus isn't on “Me good – coworker, family member, partner - bad.” […] Continue Reading

Make Room for Others 2 – Trayvon Martin

Trayvon Martin was not even remotely a topic of consideration when I wrote my last post about making room for others. Yet, in the wake of George Zimmerman's acquittal last night, the topic of making room for others could not be more timely. In listening to both the defense and prosecuting attorneys doing a post mortem of the trial, the final […] Continue Reading

Make Room for Others 1

Yesterday in a very crowded Bikram Yoga class due to the holiday schedule, the teacher reflected on her Teacher Training course in Los Angeles where only one inch separated students' yoga mats on all sides. She remarked it was a lesson in "making room for others." In other areas of life too "making room for others" can be challenging – […] Continue Reading

Relationship Building Tip: Circle Back

Coined in 2010, "circle back" has a variety of connotations in the Urban Dictionary, yet in the context I'm using it here, it's on point. How often does someone (maybe you) ask for an opinion, a suggestion, a referral? How often are you in a conversation where someone makes a recommendation and the other person responds by exclaiming their […] Continue Reading

Coaching – It’s Personal

What does this photo have to do with goal setting, workplace productivity, and leadership skills? The other day I had dinner with my gal pal Dindy Yokel at her client's excellent new Chinese restaurant,  Soi (think hole-in-the-wall China Grill). Over sticky black rice studded with shitake mushrooms and shrimp, baby bok choy and udon noodles with […] Continue Reading

A call for a movement to redefine success

New York Times journalist Alina Tugend claims we need to rethink and retool how we define success. It's a start. The players initiating this movement are prominent, formidable - and better yet - have viable and powerful media platforms. That said, a movement such as this could seem idealistic to some. The impact that Wall Street, corporate […] Continue Reading

Mistake or Artist’s Proof?

My undergraduate degree was in art, a BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) from the University of Denver. If you asked me privately, I would give you a cheeky response as to what BFA could have stood for, but to broadcast that now would turn this missive into "tmi." When I graduated I undertook one creative but non-financially rewarding endeavor after […] Continue Reading

5 Tips for Coping with Change

Recently a company I work with announced a large reorganization. In this case, it isn't only positions - it is whole departments getting reassigned, outsourced, or eliminated. The changes coming down the pike got me thinking about the subject of coping with change. Sure, change is a part of life. It’s how we grow as human beings. It starts from […] Continue Reading

Spring Forward!

It's been blooming around here this Spring and the most welcomed blossom for me is this new site. To say getting it done was a "process" is an enormous understatement. But rather than focus on all that, I'm determined to spring forward so let's get moving. When Spring was only "in the air" and here in the US we moved our clocks ahead, some of us […] Continue Reading

Failing the Marshmallow Experiment?

Most folks who achieve a certain level of success in life would have likely "passed" the marshmallow experiment. But still, being human, are there times you made a snap decision based on immediate gratification or reacted too quickly – when a button got pressed? Or maybe you've noticed this behavior in a colleague, friend or family member. Some […] Continue Reading