Did You Say NO?

As I was putting the finishing touches on this article for you, a piece about breaking resolutions in Sunday’s print version of the New York Time’s (January 8, 2012) caught my attention: “Be It Resolved.” (Also in my Twitter feed). As it turns out, “willpower” is actually powered by glucose in the bloodstream, and self-control depletes it. The consequence is “ego depletion,” a state of mental fatigue further discussed in the article This makes it particularly difficult if your New Year’s Resolution is to lose weight – the most sought after New Year’s Resolution of all time.

While I hadn’t considered the glucose angle, in last month’s Zoom eNews, I asked you to toss your list, pick one item and approach it from a whole different angle – one of my own creation. Willing to play? Instead of using your “will” – a losing proposition – use your brain instead.

Create a New Year’s (re)Solution.

If you missed December’s eNews, the Coaching Corner asked you to come up with just one item (achievable and important to you) if accomplished in 2012, it will make a huge difference for you professionally or personally, then write it down and do nothing else but think about it from time to time – until I provide you with the next step.

Did you do that? Did you write it down somewhere? The next step is to enter your “item” in your calendar or “to do” list – everyday. That’s right. Everyday. And watch what happens.  (It helps if you have an electronic system.)

Why am I asking you to write your item down and think about your “item”, rather then “Just Do It!”?

  • 1.To rewire your brain towards “being” vs “doing.” Doing will happen more naturally.
  • 2.To train your brain to “recognize” your desired “item” vs. willing yourself to achieve your “item.”
  • 3.Because I want you to win.

The result? You will start performing that activity – without the “pressure” of a New Years Resolution hanging over your head. Your item will begin to fit into your life style and your will find yourself doing “more” or “less” of whatever it is. On December 31, 2012 you will look back and see that you took more positive actions in service of your “item” and did not break any New Year Resolutions.

What was mine?

Reading (and finishing) a LOT more books. At any given time, I have several unfinished books lying around. I know if I read more, it would make a huge difference for me professionally. So in December I selected the one item that if I achieved it in 2012 would make a huge difference in my professional life and wrote it down. I entered “Read a Book” into my calendar – daily – for the next 12 months.

The result?

I started and finished two books and am half way through two others. This is a huge accomplishment for Ms. Easily Distracted, and s_l_o_w reader! Do I read everyday? Absolutely NOT. But I am reading much more. The sheer act of having created the “intention” to read and seeing it on my calendar, created a “reading consciousness.”

I am “training” myself to always have a book with me – just in case I have a few minutes that I’m waiting somewhere. I also keep one in my car. I used to think about doing these things.  Now I actually do it. I remove the post from my calendar at the end of each day, whether I read a book – or not.  No judgment.

FYI: See all that I’m reading and my suggested reading list here.

Now it’s YOUR turn. Take that one REALISTIC item you selected and plot it on your calendar. Everyday for the next 12 months. And watch what happens.

Let me know which ONE item, ONE intention, (personal or professional) you selected for yourself. Send me an email!