Don’t be such a pain!

My friend – let’s call him Steven – is a runner – and among many other fine things – he is also a doctor.

What I didn’t know about Steven until this morning is that he is selfish. Well, let me explain…

Steven woke up the other day with a searing pain in his back and self-diagnosed himself with sciatica. It’s a reasonable diagnosis, and if you’ve ever suffered with it, you know its a very specific kind of pain in the lower back that runs down the leg. Pretty easy to diagnosed.

Not so easy to treat.

He won’t go to the doctor. In fact Steven won’t let anyone help him. The only aid he accepted so far is that of a cane — while fighting his bruised ego. I get it. Feeling slowed down and out of sorts is a bummer when you’re used to feeling like the king – or queen – of the road. Being in pain is the pits.

His lovely wife – let’s call her Nancy – says he’s refusing any help from her. He can hardly lift his leg, yet he won’t let her lift a finger. Nancy, his wife of 20+ years is bewildered and frustrated. And a little bit sad.

Poor suffering Steven. So why do I call him selfish?

Whether at home or in the workplace, some of us have a really hard time accepting help – let alone asking for it. But do you realize by accepting help you are allowing someone else to be of service, to make a contribution, to be a giving human?

Be generous today. Let somebody help you.