Executive Coaching

It’s lonely at the top. You have big shoulders. You are there for everyone. Sure, you really are a winner. Yet, do you ever wonder, “Who can I talk to?” You may have members of your team or others in your corner but don’t you sometimes wish you could just talk to someone objective, away from the “maddening crowd”; someone you could bounce ideas off of, a good ole fashion sounding board? Or even someone with whom you can blow off some steam. Perhaps you’ve hit a wall or notice some pattern surfacing from within which is trouble you and getting in your way. Maybe it’s something personal.

Or you may be nearing the top or carrying a load of responsibility and must produce results. Inspiring leadership books and communication training seminars – while very informative – cannot alone take you through all the professional developmental tasks nor provide the personal insight so necessary to remove those pesky, often invisible, personal roadblocks that individual coaching delivers.

Are You Ready?

  • Have you been mulling over the same issue or concerns for a while?
  • Is the “situation” not improving, in fact is it getting worse or more frustrating?
  • Are the opportunity costs – not to mention time and money – of doing nothing becoming increasingly more expensive then the cost of working with me – or any coach for that matter?

What My Clients Say:

Marian’s focus on practical solutions and the manner in which she challenges me to find alternative mindsets have been invaluable.”  
Amy O’Brien-Bird
Corporate Executive

Marian made a difference for me personally and professionally quickly but also with a lasting influence. I highly recommend her services to anyone with a sincere interest in making a change in any area of life.”
Karen Solomon
Business Owner