Feeling Inside Out?

Yesterday I attended a very worthwhile coaching training seminar delivered masterfully by Bob Parsons of InsideOut Development. Now, I’ve been coaching a long time but as a lifelong learner I check out those experiences I think will enrich me and my clients. And I hit pay dirt here. As an executive coach I often work with managers and leaders who report challenges having “difficult conversations” or developing their staff to become more proactive. This program teaches a simple solution for both.

The major distinction I learned is that before having that “difficult conversation” – whether it be with your direct report, boss, domestic partner, children – a preliminary conversation must take place first. This is called an “engagement” conversation. It’s like you can’t plan a wedding before someone actually “pops” the question.
“Coaching for Engagement” removes the obstacles – or “interferences” that make a difficult conversation more likely to be productive. This is an elegant step-by-step process that almost anyone can learn.
The flip side (literally! There is a laminated 2-sided “script card”) teaches you how to coach for breakthroughs. This 15 minute conversation transforms what could be an “I’ll tell you what to do” conversation into a conversation that “grows” the person to discover the best solution he or she can, and then take action on it.
For more information contact me or InsideOut. By the way, I have no affiliation with this organization. I just like what they are doing!