Partnership Coaching

Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way. — Tolstoy

It’s the same story with partnerships.

Individuals create partnerships. Shared work. Shared ideas. Shared headaches. Maybe you had a great idea and invited someone to join you – or was it the other way around? Excitement, enthusiasm, (maybe even a little fear) and lots of determination drove the business initially! Right? And then what happened… Reality set in! Who is this person, you wonder. Did I make a mistake? I thought I knew him. Or her. Or them. Where did we go wrong? Do we even know what we’re doing?

Why Partnership Coaching?

  • Saves Money
  • Increases Bottom Line and Measures of Success
  • Minimizes Stress on Partners, Families and Personal Lives
  • Avoids Legal Action
  • Preserves Relationships

Partnership Coaching helps business owners solve problems interfering in the prosperity and/or pleasure of being in business with a partner. We identify the holes in the partnership net and fix them!

How It Works

  • Partners complete the Partnership Assessment Phase.
  • “Plan for Success” is presented, tweaked, and agreed upon.
  • Scheduled Meetings to move through the “Plan for Success” which takes typically four to six months.
  • In most cases, all meetings conducted via teleconferencing methods or individual phone sessions.

Together, or Alone?

That depends.

Of course, it is ideal if all partners participate. In the assessment phase, however, each partner is met with individually and confidentially to allow for a free-flow of information, concerns, and upsets before moving on to joint coaching. That said, sometimes it is impractical or even undesirable for all partners to participate.

In some cases, a partner may be reluctant at first or even refuse coaching. This is no reason, however, for the other partner(s) to not pursue coaching. In fact, it is essential under these kinds of circumstances to get outside assistance. Progress will be made even when one partner progresses on his or her Plan for Success as new strategies for partnership success are learned and practiced.

Since you are the one reading this now, could this self-starter be you?

What My Clients Are Saying:

Jill and her business partner had a growing business but could not solve their communication conflicts – until we worked together.

We had the best billing months we’ve ever had in the history of the business. Pretty much blew the doors off of anything we’ve ever done before…set new records—all this during off-season, in the middle of a recession. When our books were reviewed by a prospective buyer for our business, we were asked to account for the sudden spike in our gross revenues. I said that was easy to answer. It was working with you! Thank you Marian! (Jill and her partner sold the business and Jill is now happily employed at her new firm!)
Jill Summerscales