Will you wait to read this?

“I never put off till tomorrow what I can possibly do – the day after.” ― Oscar Wilde.

Never thought I procrastinated much – but I was wrong. For example, I need to learn QuickBooks (the program is already installed) and the photos on my site need updating now that my hair is longer. And why did I have to file for a tax extension – again?

Some avoided chores are domestic – like cleaning out closets and taking stuff to the thrift shop. Then there are the blog posts inspired by something interesting I’ve read or something a client is struggling with that I believe would be worth sharing with you.  I’ve considered hiring a ghostwriter and I could hire a bookkeeper or a closet organizer – chores I coach my clients to delegate if they can afford it to make better use of their time.

Maybe I will.

In Stephen Covey’s oft-cited time management chart, the most difficult quadrant we struggle with is “Important but Not Urgent.”  What some of us do instead of chunking down a task is we leave it to the last minute – especially if a deadline is involved. Yep, it gets done – but at what cost – and some admit to liking the adrenaline rush. Cleaning out the garage or organizing your files may not seem that important but how much psychic energy does it take each time you say to yourself or somebody else you’re going to do it – and it doesn’t get done? In coaching, your “tolerations” list often includes these “Important but Not Urgent” projects.

There are several reasons why we procrastinate: fear, laziness, depression, anxiety, uncertainty, lack of focus, etc. That said, at times procrastination can be a sign – albeit an unconscious one – that doing that very thing would be going against our true self.

What are youwaiting for?