Relationship Building Tip: Circle Back


Coined in 2010, “circle back” has a variety of connotations in the Urban Dictionary, yet in the context I’m using it here, it’s on point.

How often does someone (maybe you) ask for an opinion, a suggestion, a referral? How often are you in a conversation where someone makes a recommendation and the other person responds by exclaiming their intention to take action?

By example. “Rob,” a guy you met at a networking event, recommends a great book on digital marketing and you decide to pick it up. Or in speaking with “Jeff ,” an acquaintance who is a part of group you cycle with occasionally, you confide how frustrated you are with a vendor and he says, “Hey, I’ve got someone great for you. I’m using Maria for that,” and then emails or texts you her contact info. Or over lunch with “Jessica,” someone you worked with at your last job, you discuss a challenge you are having with a difficult employee. Having successfully resolved a similar situation, she shares what she did, and since everything you tried so far has failed you decide to give it a shot.

So you read the book. Wow, that Rob really knows his stuff! Mary, your new vendor, turned out to be awesome! Thank you Jeff, you think to yourself. And Vanessa? Her solution worked wonders with your employee.

But did you tell them? Did you thank them? Did you “circle back” to let them know what happened?

Circle back. Send an email. Return the favor. Let them know how you valued their recommendation. This powerful little action will build your relationships faster than you can imagine.

Comments? Circle back to me below, why don’t ya…