Self-doubt, negative thinking, and fear – oh my!

Lions, and tigers and bears – oh my! The other day I had a “Talk-it-Out-Session” with a successful sales and marketing professional working outside his field for some time after moving his family from South America to Florida. Unhappy with the professional compromise he made, he is now ready to get the support he needs to reenter his profession as well as progress in his real passion as an artist whose work has commercial value.

This lovely man seems to have no shortage of talent and ability but after years of being sidelined in a tough economy, what he largely exhibits is an abundance of self-doubt, negative thinking, and fear.

If this triumvirate is getting in your way, click your heels three times and then do something about it. The problem with negative thinking and other limiting beliefs is we think they are true. In fact they may only be your version of the truth. Instead, create a new reality.

While achievement means a lot, your success and fulfillment will be based as much on the vibe you give off as a well-worked resume. Fake it to you make it!