Making Assumptions Is Risky Business

English: Spider web at sunrise Français : Toil...

English: Spider web at sunrise Français : Toile d’araignée au lever du soleil (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In the throes of a busy season coaching, I needed a fresh perspective and some time to recharge so I packed a small bag (my favorite way to travel) and took flight.

Across the country and nestled inside my Japanese inspired-abode deep in the woods beyond Escondido, I munch on Norberto’s muesli and watch the day break. Outside my window huge spider webs collecting dewy drops of morning mist cast a light grey shroud over green ferns.

I return to my breakfast reverie for a few minutes before once again casting my gaze outside where the sun now appears. But wait!! What happened to the spider webs? Who put those boulders there instead?

An optical illusion? As the light appeared, what before looked like grey mist was in fact solid grey rock. I had made an assumption based solely on “my” perspective. Ha! How many times do we stridently believe something or make interpretations with only our limited perceptions taken into account? This awareness was not news to me but this visual “assumption” startled me. I mean really! Thinking about the myriad of transactions and communications taking place daily, it is a miracle that we ever find ourselves on the same page with one another. Or do we?

I “assume” you know what happens when we, ahem, assume? We run the risk of making an “ass” out of “u” and “me.”

An expanded perspective is only one of the benefits you can receive when taking a break from your daily routine to enjoy a change in scenery.

Deep sigh.

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