Success Stories

Dana went from Fortune 500 Marketing Expert to award-winning Home Furnishings Designer/Business Owner

You really helped me try to work out what I wanted to do…and one of the things I wrote down in my notebook … was that I wanted to design for West Elm. This actually became a reality and you helped me get there. Your help, your insight, your kindness and sensitivity to me have been more important to me than I can really express. I don’t think there is anyone better I could work with. You helped me stare down the gremlins. I could not have done this without you.”
Dana Brandwein Oates
dbO Home, LLC
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Brooke got her award-winning film made faster, and learned how to build a team.

Your approach seems very intuitive. Relaxed but with a purpose. I really like the questions you would ask, in addition to turning me on to other people’s books or ideas.”
Brooke Roberts-Webb

Dindy felt both her life and her business were understood and respected.

Marian’s approach was in line with my available time, my business (which she had a great understanding of) and my personality. I highly recommend Marian to anyone who wants a comprehensive, caring and holistic approach to improving their career and/or life.”
Dindy Yokel
Public Relations, Marketing, Journalist
Dindy’s website

Amy went from trying to manage her career & family like a business plan to creating a life that works.

Marian’s focus on practical solutions and the manner in which she challenges me to find alternative mindsets have been invaluable.”
Amy O’Brien-Bird
Corporate Executive

Wendy went from being a successful corporate sales executive to coaching her own clients to live a juicy life.

Marian has been a wonderful coach over the past two years and I am very grateful for our connection. I love the way that she is totally present with me during our sessions. She always seem to have the right question that really gets me thinking about the possibilities around my current situation. She also has a way of keeping me on purpose. I get off the call truly feeling like we have accomplished something. Sometimes it’s small, other times huge. Marian uses metaphors that help me visualize outcomes. This really connects with my learning style. Our coaching relationship has provided me with the ability to hear myself and understand the words and thoughts that I create for myself. She has taken these words and supported me into moving into action. This action has brought me to a place of creating my dream job and life. I value our relationship very much and look forward to what the future holds. All in all, her listening skills as well as her compassion and thought provoking questions have me looking forward to our next connection. 
Wendy Watkins
Passion Fruit People
Wendy’s website

Amelia’s clients were running her life. Not any more!

My business has gotten to where it is today thanks to Marian’s coaching and advice. She is an excellent coach and mentor. I was very blessed to have worked with her and she got me to the position I am today in my life and my business. I now know what I want and how to get there. I would recommend Marian to anyone that needs life or business coaching. You will not regret it…she is excellent!”
Amelia Rosas
Architect & Interior Designer
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Cheryl, a successful therapist with a great life, jumped over a life-long hurdle of her own.

I turned fifty years old with feelings of great joy. I achieved many of my career and family goals and was in the process of buying my first piece of property, a new office. I felt surges of energy and creativity and a desire to try new projects. In past therapy I have tackled my fear of being “too big” and felt I had overcome much of it. Because I wanted to ensure that I wouldn’t hold myself back I hired Marian to coach me through these exciting times. She understood me and the nuances of my situation and I felt supported by her. Being the motivated, focused and hard working person that I am, she helped me realize that my first task was to hold open a space to notice what came up for me daily, to open my heart and mind and allow a personal vision to unfold without struggling or “efforting.”

As a vision and direction started to emerge, Marian gave me homework assignments. We examined the values that were important to me. I developed plans for my new office, and brainstormed what I wanted to do with my newest avocation beading. Marian helped me examine the curtain that tried to come down when I dream too big and helped me stay with the excitement. She also encouraged me to develop a life plan outline that helped me prioritize aspects of my life such as my office, outreach, developing programs, personal nourishment, finances and family. Three intensive months of coaching helped me envision my path and set my priorities. And although I only stand 4’11″, I feel big.
Cheryl Dolinger Brown
Imago Relationship Therapist, Writer and Beader
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Peter went from being a despairing corporate executive to a creative, energized business owner.

I was depressed about my job situation and convinced that the only thing possible was a total career change (but what?), so I started working with Marian. By identifying what my needs are, within a few weeks I experienced a major shift. Suddenly I was able to see opportunities in my chosen field, in which I have worked for 20 years, and not just problems. It was so liberating to feel that I can have a dream built on my experience.

Right now I’m enjoying my current job while building my own business on the side. Marian has helped me re-envision my future and it is exciting to explore the many different roads I can follow.
Peter Wright
Virtual Label, LLC
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