Talk It Out – And Then Take Action

Call and Let's Talk About it.Yesterday “Bob” called in for his scheduled “Talk It Out” session. Procrastination and lack of focus was a recurring problem, he said. As a senior executive Bob felt unable to get started on a report for his boss that would take him 4 hours to accomplish. It was not a difficult task – for Bob it was a boring task complete with the kind of details or organizational thinking that would dull the brain and spirit of most “go-getters.”

Ugh. Details. Reports. For many of us, this kind of task is where the rubber meets the road – and promptly has a melt-down. Thank goodness for accountants, bookkeepers, actuaries, mathematicians, data processors, analysts. Without these detail-oriented conscientious types, research might go uncollected and unanalyzed. Summaries and reports would go unwritten. We would not have a recorded history – of anything!

And then there is you – Mr. or Ms. Go Getter – and a report that has to get done. That’s just the way it is.

Bob treated this recurring procrastination problem with adrenalin-driven late nights that stretched into the early morning hours. We discussed the cost to him professionally and personally – especially the frustration it caused him. His shelf and desk were strewn with organizational self-help books and technologies, each with it’s strategy for getting things done. Franklin-Covey, Getting it Done. The list goes on – and on.

Each of these approaches are similar to a hammer. Very useful – when you pick it up. Regularly. Continuously. Consistently. Bob would bang the nail with one of these for while but eventually put down the hammer. What was missing from Bob’s plan? Accountability – outside himself. He just could not get that from a book or audio program. After a while the “hammer” gets misplaced – and he’d revert back to his same disorganization. And read a few chapters in a new book.

Was there a deeper challenge?

Bob astutely recognized the value of going deeper – beyond the “symptoms” – to discover the “source” in order to dissolve underlying challenges getting in his way.

We discussed the value of a coach with whom to go on this kind of interpersonal journey so that with ongoing support, exploration and specific task-driven goals, procrastination ceases to be a steadfast foe, and in time new habits can take root.

What is your greatest challenge today? Who is your success partner? Who is guiding you to greater depths of personal and professional effectiveness?

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