Make Room for Others 1


crowded (Photo credit: linus_art)

Yesterday in a very crowded Bikram Yoga class due to the holiday schedule, the teacher reflected on her Teacher Training course in Los Angeles where only one inch separated students’ yoga mats on all sides. She remarked it was a lesson in “making room for others.”

In other areas of life too “making room for others” can be challenging – especially when that “other” thinks, acts, or wants something different than we do. Admirable character traits like tolerance and acceptance seem to go out the window when our comfort zone gets threatened or challenged.

“Making room” for others is hard when…

  • we think getting our needs met automatically trumps somebody else’s
  • we take another’s behaviors personally
  • we haven’t learned to better manage our own emotional reactions
  • we have trouble setting healthy boundaries and saying no
  • we are afraid of losing what we have or not getting what we want

Live and let live is a motto worth striving for. But that really takes being “roomy” within ourselves. I’ll go more into this next time.