Workplace Productivity

Great workplaces don’t just happen. Like a garden, they are nurtured, fertilized and pruned with great coaching, training, and licensed, certified employee assistance.

Menu of Services

  • Executive Coaching
  • Team Training and Development
  • 360 Assessments | DiSC Assessment Tools | Emotional Intelligence
  • Accountability and Self-Leadership Programs
  • Organizational Needs Assessments and Development
  • Hiring and Onboarding | Assessments
  • Management Consultations and Trainings
  • Licensed and Certified Employee Assistance Assessment, Counseling and Referral
  • Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM)
  • Lunch and Learn Workshops | Wellness Seminars

Executive Coaching

Enhance and accelerate an executive’s leadership, managerial skills, and career development with coaching designed to meet specific goals. Efficient and timely, executive coaching delivers a personally targeted program for developing yourself or your staff. Assessment tools, such as 360s, DiSC and PI, are administered to deepen your awareness of yourself in relationship to others, particularly in the areas of communication, management style, behavior, and teambuilding.

Workshops & Training
Experiential and educational workshops and retreats are a dynamic way to bring coaching to a company to address organizational challenges and concerns. Trainings are tailored or created to meet your specific concerns and interests.

Recruitment, Hiring & Coaching

Maximize your own potential or the potential of your staff. “Get the right people on the bus.” Screen candidates before you make the job offer utilizing highly accurate assessment tools. Uncover gaps in existing skills and behaviors and learn how to develop your staff according to individual needs.