Workshops & Training

Experiential workshops and weekend retreats are a dynamic way to bring coaching and training to a company to address organizational challenges and concerns. Marian has delivered hundreds of hours of workshops and trainings to Fortune 500 companies, nonprofit organizations and in the community.

Workshops are tailored to meet your specific needs and can be scheduled for one to two hours or half and whole days.

Recent Workshops

Being a Leader at Work and in Your Own Life An empowering workshop for enhancing leadership skills at any professional level for increased professional success and personal fulfillment.

5 Keys to Powerful Client Relationships Learn 5 skills to have excellent and successful client relationships and maximize your business results.

Customer Service

Regardless of your job description, EVERYONE these days is in the “customer service business.” Learn strategies to enhance the experience people have with you regardless of whether your “customer” is a client, a purchaser of your services, or a colleague in the office next to yours.

Time Management – Self Management
The timeless favorite! And many approaches are out there. Who has time for all that?? Learn the secret for managing time and take more control of your life.

Balancing Work & Life – Is that possible? It is when you learn to balance your mindset with your expectations – and write your own rules. Get started now!

Leaving the Office Behind
Chained to your desk? Confusing your keyboard for a pillow? Bringing the office home with you? This workshop’s for you!

Stress Management Learn to identify and develop skills to cope with modern day work and personal stresses.

Team-building All teams go through several stages of development. Minimize the growing pains by learning how to move through them gracefully.

Negotiating For What You Want Learn how to use “win-win” strategies that will give you the winning edge.

Dealing With Difficult People Some people are difficult to get along with no matter what. But notice how some people push your buttons and your co-worker says “whatever…” Learn how to see trouble coming and how to better manage it.

Anger Management
Anger is a normal emotion but whether you are an exploder or suppressor, there are better ways to deal with anger. Learn how to turn anger into a tool – not a weapon.

Designing An Inspiring Retirement
(not a workshop on financial planning!) Whether you decide to work, play, create, travel, invent, try new things, consult or some of all of the above, make the choice you want — yours. Discover what the options are and begin to develop a blueprint for designing the kind of retirement you can really look forward to.

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